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Welcome to Executive Financial Services, Inc.

Executive Financial Services, Inc. is a “fee-only” wealth management practice - specializing in financial planning and portfolio management for "baby boomers" - with a focus on producing a reliable income throughout retirement that will keep pace with inflation. Growth of principal and income is important to our clients, however, we live in a dangerous and uncertain world, and it's equally important to protect your life's savings from financial catastrophe. We want our clients to sleep well at night. As world markets grow their portfolios should prosper, however, we also maintain an exit strategy at all times to attempt sidestepping the majority of any potential market crash. All client portfolios are designed to carefully consider intermediate term market trends – whether positive or negative, and are adjusted as necessary. We also develop customized personal financial plans to help visualize how well prepared our clients are for retirement, and provide ongoing recommendations and management to help ensure success.

At Executive Financial Services, Inc., we provide the careful attention to detail and personal service that only a small practice can provide while enjoying the huge economies of scale, resources, and state of the art technology offered through Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, serving as custodian for the majority of our client accounts.

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Our Services

Financial Planning

A thoughtful and well designed financial plan can be the difference between success and failure, and greatly aids the decisions you make. Our expertise in financial planning can offer tremendous peace of mind

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Wealth Management

Managing your portfolio to provide for a worry-free retirement requires patience and foresight. Our primary focus is to provide inflation adjusted monthly income and principal, as well as downside protection against unexpected market twists and turns.   

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Special Topics

What is a CFP? What is a registered investment advisor, and what are the advantages of working with one? Here are answers to these as well as other questions.

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We are honored to have been selected by
Five Star Professional
as one of New Hampshire's top wealth managers
since this distinction has been available
- beginning in 2011.