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Financial Planning Services

A financial plan is a comprehensive written analysis of all aspects that relate to your personal finances. The purpose of a financial plan is to allow you to see exactly where you stand in relation to the objectives that are most important to you. Everything from cash flow management and budgeting, income tax planning, personal investments and company retirement plans, deciphering your benefits package, reviewing your insurance, to planning your estate can be covered in the plan. All of these concerns are analyzed to see how efficiently they are working together to help achieve your goals. Typical goals that many clients have include planning for a worry free retirement that will keep up with inflation, financing college costs for your children, paying for big ticket purchases such as a home or business, etc, and finding the appropriate balance that allows you to address them all as successfully as possible.

We specialize in working with "baby boomers" who are nearing or in the midst of retirement. Our most popular financial plan - a "Retirement Planning Analysis / Portfolio Evaluation" focuses on the key issues surrounding your retirement. It provides a detailed analysis of your budget and all retirement income sources adjusted for inflation over time, and helps you visualize the feasibility of your retirement. Financial projections are made using a "Monte Carlo analysis" - illustrating the odds of a successful retirement. Also included is an objective evaluation of your existing portfolio compared to a recommended portfolio - taking into consideration the likely financial challenges ahead. This plan as well as future updates is provided to clients utilizing Investment Advisory Services (discussed below) with no additional fee, as the cost is covered by the asset management fee.

The objective analysis provided in a financial plan allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses, and helps you to make clear decisions without having to second guess yourself. A good financial plan will provide clear recommendations to the specific courses of action to take in order to simultaneously address all objectives laid out in the plan, and periodic updates help to insure that things stay on course. 

Investment Advisory Services

We provide ongoing, full service portfolio management services to help our clients reach their investment objectives throughout their lives. We begin by designing what we believe to be an “ideal portfolio” - based on all of the client’s circumstances, and taking into consideration their risk tolerance, cash flow and liquidity needs, and the current and probable future economic environment. Our overriding philosophy is that it is more important to preserve the purchasing power of your assets over your lifetime than to attempt hitting “home runs” - achieving the highest investment return possible. We would rather be the tortoise than the hare. We endorse a methodology of “tactical asset allocation” where portfolios are designed, then periodically adjusted in response or anticipation of future trends, and rebalanced periodically. We utilize individual stocks as well as ETF's (exchange traded funds) and closed-end funds as the predominant securities in most client accounts, as they offer a low cost and convenient way to invest in most any asset class desired, and have the advantages of ready diversification, intra-day pricing, and the ability to use limit and stop-loss orders. When you're investing in uncertain times it is reassuring to know that your portfolio can be positioned to provide the opportunity for growth of principal and income while putting a limit on any potential downside. Most securities can be purchased free of commissions or transaction fees through Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services.

Fees are typically debited from client accounts on a quarterly basis, and this compensates us for providing continuous portfolio management, account servicing, quarterly reporting, unlimited meetings in person or by telephone, and financial plan updates. We believe that the value you receive from our services must be substantially more than the fee that we charge.

Our fee schedule is fair and easy to understand. The fee schedule listed below is charged to all of your accounts that we manage, as long as the sum of all accounts falls within the breakpoint listed. It is not increased if your account falls below the breakpoint as a result of market conditions.

Annualized Fee        Combined Account Size

1.00%                       $250,000 - $999,999
0.85%                       $1,000,000 - $1,999,999
0.50%                       $2,000,000 +

Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services serves as the primary custodian to hold client accounts. Fidelity also provides our clients with state of the art technology, internet account access, and tremendous product offerings and cost efficiencies.

All fee-based asset management accounts are cleared through and held in custody at Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services (herein referred to as Fidelity.) Your account assets are covered by unlimited asset protection insurance - with $500,000 ($250,000 limit on claims in cash) from the SIPC, and additional unlimited securities protection through private insurance coverage provided by Fidelity. This coverage does not cover against a decline in market value.