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Major improvements to your Fidelity account online access have now become available. If you are slightly to moderately tech savvy you will enjoy these features. Key improvements include:

Account Aggregation: The ability to view all accounts you own including non-Fidelity accounts, 401(k), life insurance and annuities, mortgage and bank accounts, etc. all in one location.

Electronic Delivery of Investment Related Communications:

Allowing you to have account statements, trade confirmations, proxies, prospectuses, annual reports, etc. sent by your choice of mail or e-mail notice.

Monitor Your Accounts: You’ll find many tools and views to regularly monitor your accounts, performance of each holding, asset allocation, as well as enabling you to access many research tools and news sources.

Access Tax Forms and Statements: Find archives of past statements, monitor YTD tax info, import tax info to numerous programs, etc. was really designed for the “do it yourself” investor, and requires you to do some work to get it set up the way you want. It may take a little patience - but will be well worth it.

Procedure: Please note that the first time you log in you should click on  “Need help logging in?” just below the log in button. Next, click on "register now" and follow the prompts. Once you successfully log in and create a user ID and PIN, you’ll notice all accounts tied into your SS # will show up. If you have other accounts in your household (such as your spouse’s IRA, etc.) that don’t show up, you’ll need to take the following steps:

While you are still logged in, click on the“Account Features” tab, then “Authorize Access and Account Ownership”, then "Authorize Access" then "Inquiry Access" and then click on the "Grant Inquiry Access" button for each account you have.  This process is fairly intuitive. Once you’ve done this, your spouse must establish their own log in, and repeat the same procedure you just did - granting you “Inquiry Access” to each of their accounts. Once this has been completed you should see all of your accounts - no matter who logs in.

“Full View” account aggregation procedure: Click on “Accounts and Trade”, then “Full View” on the far right. You’ll note that your Fidelity accounts will all be there, but you’ll need to add all accounts outside of Fidelity. You need to follow the links to “add” accounts, and then provide your user ID and password information for all your other accounts. Once they are established, virtually every account you own will be viewable on the screen. You can even enter in real estate, and other assets if you wish under “custom accounts.”

Electronic Delivery: Go to “Your Profile” then “Preferences.” Under “Communication Options” you’ll see “Electronic/Paper Mail Delivery.” It’s pretty intuitive from this point forward.

Please call (800) 544-7595 if you experience any problems. This is an award winning web site with a host of great features, but the initial set up sometimes requires a little patience.